The portfolio of dsa-engineering covers the entire range of factory planning services.

We start your construction project by first identifying specific strategy and production concepts. In this context, we focus on optimally networked processes for people, materials and products at an early stage.
Our analyses include sound evaluations of the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and the areas required. Furthermore, our specialists prepare the specifications and the specification sheet. In addition, they ensure maximum added value by means of value stream analyses.

We also involve plant suppliers in the planning process at an early stage and ensure consistent supplier management and optimum materials handling, logistics and warehousing.
Finally, our experts create a coherent production control concept and determine the IoT (Internet of Things) capability of your factory. To this end, they make use of the Drees & Sommer-Group's many years of experience in the planning and construction of factory buildings and infrastructure.

Comprehensive project planning with a 360-degree view

One of the strengths of dsa-engineering is the integrated, simultaneous project planning. We take a 360-degree look at your construction project and take a consistent approach from production concept to production excellence. We involve stakeholders as early as possible in order to keep costs, deadlines and quality under control.

We generate maximum added value for your project with parallel and recurring processing in the fields of production, buildings, information technology and plant construction. An important prerequisite for this is that we first reduce its complexity for those involved. To do so, we work with the SCRUM method. It forms the basis for effective and consistent project communication and the smooth exchange of data and information.
In addition, our specialists work with applications for the digital factory - from product development and production planning to central processes and factory operation. The aim is to plan, map and simulate central factory areas using information technology (IT).

In addition, our customers benefit from the systematic identification and evaluation of automation potential and the specifications for the production control system (MES), for example for the building infrastructure and system integrations.

The holistic planning of building requirements with Building Information Modeling (BIM) is carried out by specialists from the Drees & Sommer-Group.



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