Infrastructure and building planning


General Construction Management (GCM) provides our customers with one-stop security for factory and building planning. With the GCM, we assume the complete handling of a construction project or factory planning and combine project management, planning services and site management into a complete package. We have already successfully concluded numerous projects.
Thanks to Lean Construction Management (LCM®), we ensure smooth planning and execution processes. In combination with our BIM management, very economical planning and execution processes can be realised in a short time with LCM®.
We assemble the planning team early on, whereby the architect can also be integrated into the GCM team as a partner. Customers therefore have only one responsible contact person for the entire project. We provide all services from a single source and reduce the number of interfaces to a minimum.


Your added values:
  • Maximum added value along the material and information flows
  • Defined process automation levels for production, transport and logistics
  • Flexibility through reduction of throughput times and use of resources
  • Increased flexibility by maximising directional stability, process stability and transparency (IoT)
  • Proactive cost reduction within non-value-adding production chains such as materials management, maintenance and rework
  • Integrative and continuous technical coordination of the trades and stakeholders involved using the "digital twin"
  • Holistic support of customer project management in all planning fields and in the digital transformation of an industrial building



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