Digital factory


With the aid of the "digital factory" - i.e. the digital factory planning approach - various tools and methods can be used to digitally display analog planning from product development, through production planning to factory start-up and operation. The ultimate goal is to use IT to plan, map and simulate all factory areas.


The 3D project planning tool TRICAD has been used by dsa-engineering for many years for automotive customers.
The conveying technology module enables the creation of 3D models in a simple and effective way.

The integration of building and TGA data creates a "virtual factory" with all possibilities of visualisation and collision check.

Siemens NX

Siemens NX is used for the investigation of product-contacting topics (interface conveyor technology to product), as well as for the development of technology concepts.

The import and further processing of various external data formats is also usually carried out with Siemens NX.


We use the CATIA application for all product-related topics. The focus here is on recording concepts for equipment.

Virtual tests of the installability allow considerable potential in prototype construction to be exploited and the series construction can be secured in an early project phase.



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