Process automation


Demographic change, increasing process complexity and rising production costs are making process automation more and more important in production companies. In the spirit of Industry 4.0, we develop innovative and creative solutions to increase the degree of automation of your production processes.
Our range of services extends from the analysis of the automation potential and the conceptual development of the modules to the final and turnkey commissioning of the production plant.
Of course we design and plan the complete automated production lines or line segments. In order to realise automation at the "right place", we first carry out an analysis of the production processes with regard to automation potential. With the help of an evaluation methodology, a statement is made as to which processes are more suitable for automation and which for manual handling.

  • Data-supported statement about the automatability of processes
  • Use of the optimal production system taking into account the complexity of the task
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduction of total investment
  • Ergonomic design of workstations
  • Ensuring process quality at the "right place"
  • Consideration/optimisation of the interface: logistics, product development



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